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by Ana Brandt
Twin Workshop

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Kind Words

Thank you so much for providing this incredibly informative session. This had been quite a reassurance for myself as I am getting myself started to make photography a business. I feel very confident in my abilities and skills after spending time with you all today. I didn’t know if what I was doing was right, but I definitely confident myself now.

Adwoa Ago

Mary A Wallace

Ana, Lizzy and Crew,

Thank you so much for today… I caught the beginning and the end because I couldn’t get it on my phone when I had to leave…. but so glad it lasted as long as it did so I could see!!!!

What an inspiration you all are to share your gift…..  XOXO

Natalie Gallagher

Laura Middour

Cassie Clayshulte


Watching yesterday I knew this was going to be stunning.  Aoife Millea very well done.. as usual.

Ayrica DeBoer

This is stunning . So enjoyed watching your class.

Thank you & Ana Brandt

Pat Carrell

This turned out beautiful Aoife. Thanks for for sharing your talent with us yesterday. Seriously you and Ana are so much fun to watch!!!

Debra Snell

Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoyed watching!!

Courtney Carter Weaver

Thank you Ana! It was my first live with you and its so totally worth it!

Sonata Patel

Thank you Ana and Aoife! Was wonderful watching you both! And thank you

Baby Dream Backdrop news for letting me know about this! Your backdrops looked amazing!

Amanda LaRoche

I loved watching how Ana Brandt wrapped that first baby. That’s was a perfect baby…once she was done spitting up lol

Sally Keena

I loved watching how Ana Brandt wrapped that first baby. That’s was a perfect baby…once she was done spitting up lol

Sally Keena

Love love love the live view!!!

Echo Zinsmeyer

Omg I’m soooo happy I’m home sick and able to watch this! Just awesome!

Jennifer Botham Sloane

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